Our Approach

Extraordinary client relationships are at the core of our approach.
We put you first - you're special to us.


We love to listen.

Your idea is important.
After hearing your goals, objectives and end vision, we will collate this information together, tell you a bit more about us, our team and expertise and how we plan to turn your idea into reality. We’ll ask the important questions here so that we can establish facts and help you fill in the gaps. We work with non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) and contracts to safeguard both of our rights and to guarantee that your valuable private information will always stay private.

Planning & Strategy

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail.

The beginning is just as important as the end.
Project scoping, discussions, roadmaps and timeframes are all crucial at this stage. We expand upon the requirements we initially captured from you, deep digging into your company, your values and your audience. An analysis of your competitors’ online strategies, a full evaluation of your online presence, SEO reports, user journey diagrams and the creation of your digital roadmap are just some of the things we can offer at this stage.


Quietly powerful.

Make a statement in style.
Our excellent creative team will start working with you on creating and crafting the brand identity that you want. Driven by curiosity and passion, our designers will create wireframes to be sent for your approval. They are then turned into a fully interactive design prototype which you can then load on your browser or on your phone. We want to make sure you trust our creativity guarantee and so we use industry-trusted products to deliver.


Our pixie dust.

We love code.
This is where the magic happens – your assigned, 100% in-house team of developers will take your ideation, the designs that you loved, and the functionality that you wanted and churn out pretty lines of code which does exactly all that. Working hand in hand with our design team, our devs use the latest & most secure technologies and follow the highest industry standards for a well structured, clean and scalable codebase.


Act as the end-user.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating.
We have the responsibility of making sure your product is rigorously tested by professionals during design, development, deployment and so on. You expect nothing less than perfect and so does our team of quality assurance experts. Impersonating and behaving like the end-user, they test every and all user journeys in the application to verify utmost quality. Test plan and test strategies will be provided at this stage from your needs.


Your satisfaction.

See the fruition of our efforts to make your idea into a reality.
At this stage, your web apps will be on a prettier subdomain, we’ll build and compile the code in release mode for performance, do a few other tweaks, create an APK for your Android app and publish an Apple Testflight build for you. We ask you for your accurate feedback regarding all elements of the application so that we can do the finishing touches for you and agree on a final version of your product to be deployed.


Show the world.

Time to spread the word about your project.
Coming to the end of the last sprint, we will carry out all of the final activities to make your final product(s) available for usage by your customers. Data migration, domain nameserver setup, moving final files to your hosting environment, publishing your applications to the Play Store and the App Store and ensuring you have near 0% downtime if you are moving over from an older system are a handful of stuff we can do.


A helping hand.

Our help doesn’t just stop here.
We can stay on top of all of the maintenance needed, from our content marketing services to our SEO services or from ensuring your website has the latest third party plugin updates. We’re always just an email or phone call away and we can provide stuff like hosting services, SSL registration, creating a client ticket portal for you, interactive Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp bots, infographics and photography.

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