If you’re looking for the best experience possible, we offer a range of bespoke development services. Tailor-made & custom software is made based on your requirements, industry & business, perfectly fitting into your business goals.

We can design, develop, test & deploy web, desktop, CRM or CMS applications for yourself or your clients at rapid speeds due to our unique approach.

Stand out from the crowd.

Customer Relationship Management Systems

Getting customers is one thing; managing them is another.

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system helps manage customer data. Many CRMs exist such as HubSpot CRM, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics 365 & Insightly however, they always may not provide what you need. Some might not give you the data you need or may not run on your infrastructure. We can help.

We design and develop bespoke CRM systems that run on the cloud, on-premise or both. They are designed to match your working style, meet your technical requirements & integrate with any system that you may need.

What sets us apart is the scope of our bespoke development service – we also have the ability to produce custom hardware, which can send to and receive data from your CRM system for on the ground reporting.

Achieve your customer engagement objectives with our CRM design & development service.

A custom CRM illustration inside a browser window
Bespoke development: custom CMS system

Bespoke Development of Content Management Systems

We have extensive experience in creating internal & external content management systems (CMS).

For external CMS systems, we devise completely customisable products to give your users the power of content creation and distribution. Numerous features and functionalities can be added to our CMS systems from analytics and reporting to live data feeds and push notifications.

For CMS systems intended for internal use, we aim to draw up user-friendly and scalable digital solutions using React or Angular. Complete data security is guaranteed, as most of our developers have experience working on NHS and data-sensitive projects.

We find your input is critical throughout each stage of the bespoke development and as such, we hold regular catchups to ensure correct implementation of your requirements.

Web Applications

Your website is of the essence for the success of your company in the digital space, but they’re not everything. Other applications will make you stand out from the crowd and what’s better than having them custom produced by us for you.

We start with a blank canvas and develop your web application that is purpose-built for your business. Data analytics software, stock management, dashboards, administration portals, time management and intranets are some web application requests that we have seen over time and we guarantee that every aspect of our web applications functions successfully.

Bespoke development: web applications
Bespoke development: desktop applications

Desktop Applications

Desktop applications are still hugely popular for applications that need to operate offline, need maximum security etc.

A personalised desktop application can be used to streamline business operations, enhance customer service, manage productivity and more.

We create native or cross-platform desktop applications that can efficiently process real-time information, integrate with generic hardware like POS systems or custom hardware and are easily maintained.

C# Bespoke Development

We’re not biased, but we believe most things that Microsoft build are fantastically reliable, scalable and industry trusted.

As such, we can use C# and the .NET ecosystem over here at Rippital, especially .NET Core for the below:

  • Scalable, secure, cross-platform and RESTful services (web APIs)
  • Windows services
  • Third-party API application connectors
  • Real-time web applications built with SignalR
  • Web UIs using the MVC (model-view-controller) design pattern
  • Web UIs with Razor Pages
  • Bleeding edge client-side interactive Blazor apps
  • Data-driven web applications using Microsoft’s open-source ORM, Entity Framework Core
  • gRPC on .NET Core
Bespoke Development
Bespoke development: Node.js

JavaScript Bespoke Development

We did say we’re not biased.

JavaScript is a scripting language for the web, sometimes referred to as a “staple” in modern web development. All, if not 99.99%, of websites, use Javascript to provide all of their functionality from being able to click on buttons and navigating across pages to fancy sliders and popups.

We can provide bespoke Node.js Javascript development services to create light-weight and high-speed web applications that can stand the test of time & pressure. Drawing on our expertise in Node.js and making use of the best features in Node.js like the event loop or its huge package repository, some of the web apps we can build are:

  • Data analysis apps
  • Administration portals
  • Data storage apps
  • Intranet portals
  • Social networking apps
  • Real-time chat apps
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