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Android App Development in Manchester

Despite the domination of the mobile vendor market by Apple, Google has created a platform which is much loved by many users & we’re happy to say that we provide Android app development services in Manchester. Android today is used by nearly 50% of all mobile users in the UK on thousands of handsets & tablets (source: StatCounter).

Many ask us to create Android & iOS apps for their businesses. Some ask us to create the Android equivalent of their iOS apps and rarely do people have platform-specific goals. Regardless of your aim, our project managers have worked on both iOS and Android projects, fully aware of what makes a great user experience on each OS.

Android App Developers

Most of the time, developing Android apps means that developing applications that can be used on many phones & tablets. These range from expensive flagship phones like OnePlus 8 Pro & Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus, all the way down to budget Moto & Xiaomi devices. Android app development is not as easy as iOS app development; factors like the below all need to be taken into consideration and vigorously tested before each release:

  • Screen sizes – from 4 inch IPS to 7.2 inch AMOLED displays
  • OS versions – from Android KitKat (4.4) through Android Pie (9.0) to the latest Android 10
  • Hardware capabilities – face recognition, NFC, camera quality

Each factor above opens a new area of technical challenges. We stay up to date with the very latest Android news & stay subscribed to Google updates. In addition to this, Rippital owns an extensive collection of different Android devices for testing & is enrolled in the Android Beta Program to find potential compatibility bugs before your customers do.

The love for Android is the result of an open-source operating system, the vast number of apps available and the endless customisations possible at the tip of your fingers.

I mean, it must have something that even Microsoft has hopped on the train with its new Surface Duo phone, coming holiday 2020. Yes, powered by Android.

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