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iOS App Development in Manchester

Leveraging a proven agile methodology & in-house talent, we offer iOS app development in Manchester. We have worked on iOS, watchOS & tvOS apps, fulfilling any technical requirement across a host of sectors. This encompasses everything from eCommerce to VR & AR.

Our team of developers, strategists and designers project their passion for all things tech into mobile products that bring your vision to life.

iOS App Developers

According to the latest statistics from StatCounter, a remarkable 50.29% of the mobile vendor market share in the UK belongs to Apple. This means that one out of every 2 of your potential clients owns an iPhone. Apple dominates too much of the mobile market for you to be able to afford to ignore it.

As the market progresses rapidly, new versions of iPhones & iPads are being released every year with varying screen sizes & prices. It is crucial for your iOS development partner of choice to have the expertise to utilise an ever-evolving operating system & more than ever powerful hardware. Apple allows you to take advantage of unique platform-specific features such as Siri, state of the art face recognition & iCloud integration.

As a full-service iOS app development company, we handle the entire App Store submission process for you. Including but not limited to:

  • App Listing
  • App Descriptions
  • App Assets
  • Platform & App Updates
  • App Upgrades

We follow all iOS standards such as clean Swift code & Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines when designing your apps. 

Testing is also a core tenet of our approach. We use tools like Apple TestFlight which lets you invite up to 10,000 users to test beta versions of your apps. This is all before releasing them to the App Store so in case we’ve made the rare mistake and something has missed our net, we can catch it before it’s out there in the wild.

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